Huwebes, Mayo 5, 2016


The PHILIPPINE HALAL TOURISM EXPO 2016 at the Abreeza Activity Center 
attracted a number of Halal conscious travelers.  The event, participated by Exhibitors from around the world offered halal-friendly tourism services, geared towards maintaining the values and modesty of our Muslim brothers and sisters.   

Halal Travel and Tourism is a rapidly growing market sector and significant efforts are taking place to develop halal-friendly destinations. 

To all our “HALAL CONSCIOUS TRAVELLERS” You can relax, soak up the sun and enjoy sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, or stay in great city hotels, without compromising the values of your beliefs. Enjoy your travels. 

Also, congratulations to the beautiful ladies behind the success of this event, Ms. Joyce of DOT and  Chin of Konkordans Davao. 

Event OOTD

Kids Summer workshop : Art-spiration

Visit Davao Art Fun Sale has been buzzing around the city featuring the many magnificent pieces crafted by Davao's most distinguished artists.

SM Lanang Premier, being the first-stop of the event, had an artful Davao Art Market Weekend. On April 15 and 16, the artists came to gather at the Atrium to do live portraits. Shoppers came in to try it themselves, while others came in to catch a rare glimpse of the artists at work.

Visit Davao Art Fun Sale featured artworks from Alan Obeso, Alex Alagon, Anoy Catague, Anthony Serafin, Bai Manginsay, Bong Perez, Brando Cedeno, Dadai Joaquin, Daryl Descallar, Dinky Munda, Ega Carreon, Ernesto Santa Cruz, Gilbert Miraflor, Jane Ramos, Josie Tionko, Jun Alfon, Kublai Millan, Lito Pepito, Mishael Pueblas, Miyen Lim, Omar Casan, Rodney Yap, Saldy Mascardo II, Tanya Gaisano-Lee, Victor Dumaguing, and Vic Secuya.

On April 17, it was a total SM Funday because the little ones including my Jia had an Art Class with the Masters. 

The artists taught shapes and colors - letting the kids express themselves through art. 

Jia's Artwork

Thanks to Sm Lanang Premier's Roldan for saving a seat for Jia, who enjoyed the activity so much. Looking forward to more activities like this one. 

PREP for Narra Park Residences (host)

It's always a pleasure to work with Karla Singson of PREP. She's a great organizer and coordinator and she makes it so easy for me to host her events. I had the honour of hosting the Grand Exhibit of Narra Park Residences, Nurtura's maiden project. For over 50 years Alson's Dev and Investment Corp., has become one of the most trusted names in real estate in Davao City. Best known for creating pioneering commercial development, Aldevinco Shopping Center, Ladislawa, Las Terrazas and Woodridge. More power Alson's Development.
Team PREP with Gladys Ayuste and Karla S.

Reunited with my Ateneo de Davao classmates Architect Lara Lacuesta one of the Architects behind Nurtura Land and Home and Mareng Ana Caguiat who is a proud home owner of Narra Park Residences. They are the epitome of the modern Filipina -- hardworking, career driven, passionate, successful and who will continue to inspire many:-)) #winoftheday

Dress blouse: MAGS 
Skirt: Woman by SM Women
Shoes: Janilyn

Martes, Abril 12, 2016

Flavor Fusion Davao on a Plate

As part of the Flavors of the Philippines Campaign under Madrid Fusion Manila, Flavor Fusion is a gathering of Davao’s finest chefs interpreting and showcasing Davao’s treasured dishes.  This event would not be possible without SM Lanang and it’s sponsors – Sunmade Rice (Carlo Lorenzana), Malagos Cheese (Olive Puentespina), Crocodile Park & Farm (Sonny Dizon) and Umalag Farms for the Kitayama Wagyu Meat (Vicky Lauchengco and the Agustines Family).
In cooperation with SM Supermalls, this event is curated by Carmina del Rosario, also known as the Crazy Cook, who participated in Madrid Fusion Manila last year.  She was the only one from Mindanao who was invited to cook at the VIP Mindanao Regional Lunch where she served Balabacua to the VIP guests, foreign press and to the ‘rock star’ chefs like Paco Roncero, Ramon Freixa, Margarita Fores, Glenda Barreto, Myrna Seguismundo, Bruce Ricketts, JC de Terry, etc.  Since then, she has been on a crusade to promote Davao cuisine and make it a center for culinary excellence in Mindanao. 

With Ms.Sally of Chippens, RD Alabado, Sm Lanang Premier's Russel Alaba, Chef Anton Abad of Vikings. (Below) SM Lanang Premier's hardworking team Myx, Arianne, Lish and Roldan. Congratulations for the success of Flavor Fusion: Davao on a plate. As part of the Flavors of the Philippines Campaign under Madrid Fusion Manila, Flavor Fusion is a gathering of Davao’s finest chefs interpreting and showcasing Davao’s treasured dishes.

Flavor Fusion: Davao on a plate is an opportunity that brings together the best chefs sharing their craft, their talent, and their expertise.  Flavor Fusion not only promotes Davao cuisine and but Davao tourism as well. Flavor Fusion proves how Davaeonos could stand proud before the rest of the country. 

Waterfront Insular hotel davao's Crocodillo(crocodile) by Chef Victor Barangan

Chef Anton Abad, Executive Chef of Vikings  prepared an exciting spread of kinilaw.  We Davaoenos are very familiar with this staple.  Chef Anton's 3 versions called Kinilaw in 3 ways. 

sous vide kinilaw

Chef Anton’s classic tuna kinilaw

summer citrus tuna kinilaw 

At Madrid Fusion, Margarita Fores described this as the foie gras of the sea.  If you haven’t tried bagyabay before it is almost as decadent as foie gras.

Bacon Wrapped Bagaybay – Pan fried tuna milt, wrapped in bacon and topped with Selera’s special garlic oil.

Carmina del Rosario's version of Balbacua

Known as the Crazy Cook, who participated in Madrid Fusion Manila last year.  She was the only one from Mindanao who was invited to cook at the VIP Mindanao Regional Lunch where she served Balabacua to the VIP guests, foreign press and to the ‘rock star’ chefs like Paco Roncero, Ramon Freixa, Margarita Fores, Glenda Barreto, Myrna Seguismundo, Bruce Ricketts, JC de Terry, etc.  Since then, she has been on a crusade to promote Davao cuisine and make it a center for culinary excellence in Mindanao.  

So there we see how food is a fundamental part of our identity.

Always a pleasure to work with SM Lanang Premier's hardworking team

Blooper: Yup! I was this happy before I left the house... With photo opt pa! Hanggang na dumihan ang blouse ko. 

... With feelings... Ohhhhh lalalalala

Davao Fashion Weekend





Creativity, Hard work and passion these traits best describe our New Generation of designers. New Generation of designers met with the esteemed panel of judges for the prejudging to know who’s designs are fit for the afternoon’s runway presentation.

This year's PWC Fashion Graduation Show Judges! MEGA Magazine's Suki Salvador, Preview Magazine's Loris Pena, StyleBible's Zoe Laurente, Asia's Most Connected Fashion Designer Albert Andrada, DFDC President Aztec Barba, Style and Design Academy's Cathy Binag, Pilipinas Men's Fashion Week's Nico Agustin.

You have just seen the future of Fashion, hats off to all  young designers---
A big hand for the promising Undergraduates, the passionate 2016 Fashion Design Graduates from the PWC Fashion Design Program and even  louder for the forbearing Faculty members of PWC Fashion Design Program for their continued support and hardwork. 

In a fashion industry, a newbie's arsenal is a mentor.  In the case of of our graduating and current students, they have a pool of 6 mentors who guided them all the way.   They are the motivators who have been inspiring everyone with their experience, ideas and inputs.  


Habang Wala Pa Sila, mga tula ng pagibig by: Juan Miguel Severo

You know him as Rico, Jig's best friend on On the wings of love. He's also a spoken word poet. His performances of his poems like Ang Huling Tula na Isusulat Ko Para Sa 'Yo and Mga Basang Unan have gone viral. Actor. Musician. Writer. Spoken word Artist. 

Now, Juan Miguel Severo added “published author” to that list with the release of his book, #HabangWalaPaSila!, mga tula ng pagibig. 

Riding high on the hit teleserye “On The Wings of Love,” he could very well be the only poet on television today. It’s one thing for shows to feature spoken word poets, but he was given a rare chance to write, act and perform your pieces nationwide on TV.

It's finally out! Ask for Habang Wala Pa Sila, mga tula ng pagibig.  Juan Miguel Severo ‘s first collection of spoken word poems about love, in National bookstore nationwide!
For only 185Php! Art Direction by Adam David 

Cover Art and Illustrations by Mervin Malonzo

From ABS-CBN Publishing

Grab a copy now. 

Voice over :YOUNG DAVAO DESIGNERS featuring fashion designs for today’s women.

In celebration of Women’s Month and Araw ng Davao, SM Lanang Premier pays homage to youth, creativity, beauty and the feminine form.

15 Emerging Davao Designers will bring to the fore 30 fresh fashion pieces designed for today's women.

Behold, the Young Davao Designers...

NIñOFRANCO by Wilson Limon
 Artajo by Jun Artajo
The Skip by Ian Manglicmot
InPart by Joey Hambala
RAVACIO by Grand Ravacio
Artickles by Denise Guirgen & Kethley Uy by Bianca Sabellano
HABERDASHERY by Frances Tendencia
MÛRE by Andi Amora
AMANDA by Mandy Velasco
ZEL by Jozel Ignes

She is –
The runway bride
The lover and the wife
The memory
Every breath

She is –


KISAME:Vision of Heaven on Earth

KISAME:Vision of Heaven on Earth a showcase of Filipino’s artistic heritage in the context of ecclesiastical art. 

The Exhibition,showcases the Filipino’s artistic heritage. Featuring  installations of large format photographs and video documentation of architectural ceiling paintings selected from 17 churches in Bohol, the exhibition will be an unclose view of images that represent visions of heaven and earth. it will feature the historical background of each painting and the church to which it belongs in a somewhat Visita Iglesia Bohol presentation in Photographs. 
Event Essentials

The Photographs featured in this exhibition were taken by Honorable Executive Secretary Paquito N. Ochoa Jr. from the ceiling paintings of the churches in Bohol, in the dioceses of Tagbilaran and Talibon. These selected works of art that adorn the parish churches are the remaining works of two pioneering Cebuano artists Raymond Francia and Canuto Avila, executed during the first half of the twentieth century. 

Strategic Planning Meeting : Fellowship Night

the BIMP EAGA Strategic Planning Meeting and Fellowship Dinner
Hosted by the DOT Office of the Assistant Secretary, TRCRG 
who also chair as the Phil. EAGA Sub National Coordinator for the Joint Tourism Development Cluster or P-EAGA JTD organized by the Mindanao Development Authority as the national secretariat of the Philippines for BIMP.

Attended by all  Head of Delegations,Ministry Chairman, Directors and cluster heads from the member countries ( Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines) .

Performers include : 

1. EVERY year, the prestigious World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA), cited as the Olympics of the Performing Arts, hold competitions in Long Beach, California, featuring talented artists from across the globe to vie for the World Class Talent award. Thousand of contestants from over 50 countries participated in the competition, organized since 1984. The performances were graded by a panel of 75 judges from the entertainment industry in Long Beach, California.
It is with great pride that we present Ms. Juliet Bahala Senior  Gold Medalist for the Opera Category  representing the Philippines  in 2015thAnnual World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA) also known as “World Talent Olympics”.

2. A community based performing group. Kalumon means close knit of kin, a family , a clan. This is the inspiration that moved these young performing artitsts to create contemporary performing pieces rooted in the culture indigenouse to the Filipinos.  The rich culture heritage of the Lumads, Moro and Christian settlers have brought these artists to bring life in what is considered pride of Mindanao in performing arts. They have been awarded as the ‘ BEST IN FOLKFLORIC PERFORMANCE- PHILIPPINES REPRESENTATIVE DURING TH 17TH BUSAN INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL FAIR “ in Busan Korea in 2014 and “ BEST FOLKFLORIC PERFORMANCE DURING THE 26TH KOREA WORLD TRAVEL FAIR “ in Seoul South Korea in 2013.
Kalumon hopes to bring both artists and audience the Mindanawon spirit in the global tradition. The Kalumon Performing Ensemble Inc.

3. Members of an internationally renowned group from Davao. Known as the youngest ambassadors of goodwill and peace, they have been performing abroad for the past several years, bringing pride and honor not only to our beloved City but to the Philippines as well.
To date, this group has gone on 8 concert tours to the United States of America.The group is set to leave again on May 15 this year for its 9th US Concert Tour.

They have been repeatedly recognized by the Davao City Mayor for the contributions they have made in the promotion of the City during major national and international conventions held here in Davao, as well as for bringing the name of the City during their international performances.
the Songspell. 

South Prime Builders

Innovation, Affordability, Quality..  these are just a few words to describe  Davao South Prime Developers, Inc. 

South Prime guarantees affordability, along with quality finishes for their clientele.
South Prime instils these integrated values into their projects, resulting in a dynamic, well balanced, dependable and superior offering. 

Davao South Prime Developers Inc, or South Prime is a new development company rising up from a well experienced and established real estate company in Metro Manila  Called Wee Community Developers Inc. Better known  as Wee com.
Davao South Prime Developers Inc, Establishes itself as an innovation developer, not merely being caught in the tide of numerous new developments in the industry, but going against the current to build and provide unique spaces and homes.
Davao South Prime Developers Inc, has the mindset to balance everything with the Yin and Yang perspective, as you can see in South Prime’s logo...
This is noticeable on South prime’s project specifications.
 South Prime guarantees affordability, along with quality finishes for their clientele.

South Prime instils these integrated values into their projects, resulting in a dynamic, well balanced, dependable and superior offering. 

Thank you Kat of Red Ant for inviting me to host the grand launching of Davao South Prime Developers Inc.

Marites Allen: “Philippine Feng Shui Queen”

They say luck happens when you keep your mind open to all the opportunities. Luck was on my side today as I was given the chance to meet and introduce the first and only Filipina to be awarded to date the prestigious title “Master in Feng Shui” by the world-renowned International Feng Shui Association. Ms. Marites Allen is popularly regarded as the “Philippine Feng Shui Queen”. She offers private and public consultations to prominent people, a television show host, owner of Frigga Charmed Life, a unique fashion brand, she writes for different publications amd publishes her own books. 

Ms. Maritess gave me a copy of her book entitled “Marites Allen Horoscope Forecast for the year of the Monkey 2016”. A guide on how we can make the Year of the Fire Monkey a prosperous one. Can’t wait to read it! Thanks for the opportunity SM Lanang Premier! I hope the year of the Fire Monkey ushers in a prosperous year for everyone. 
Xin Nian Kuai Le! 

Kris Anino #TBT

Haha nahalungkat ko to sa baul while looking for pics for a friend's biopic hihi di nga! The truth is I was feeling tired after a long week and in a few hours back to work na! Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, I just need a picker upper and while browsing through my album I chanced upon these pics. Masarap balikan ang nakaraan lalo na kung masaya. 

Now I can just laugh about it and share the story. 
Hindi ako nahihiya na minsan naging stand up comedian/impersonator ako. I write my scripts, my jokes and gayang gaya ko "daw" si Kris Aquino sabi nila. Eto po yung extra kapal ng mukha days ko. 😂😂desperate times call for desperate measures. I was young, struggling and had nothing to lose. So every opportunity that came along! Go lang ng go!! 

When I entered radio, we would have these trade parties. May mga games and prizes for our valued clients. So instead of just raffling it off, we'd play "Who wants to be a Millionaire" kunwari hosted by Edu Mansanas, "Pera o Bayong" hosted by Amy Pares and Roderick Palatae and there's "Game ka na ba" hosted by Kris Aquino aka Kris Anino. I played Kris, I was only given a week to practice and imitate her. 

Akalain mo! People loved my act. Landed a gig for Philips Company, tuwang tuwa saakin si Sir Russ(from Philips and part owner of Mixfm). First gig ko was at Mandaya Hotel and people thought i was the real deal! Pinagkagukuhan ako haha benta in short! Then he brought me to Manila. Stayed in Manila Peninsula for a couple of days. They made me wear, Kris Aquino's clothes, thanks to Rajo Laurel for the havey look!! the best part?

I was co host to Edu Manzano, I performed in front of Direct Alquin, Comedian Gary Lising, Jaime Fabregas, Apo Hiking's Buboy Garuvillo among others. Towards the end of the show Edu Manzano revealed my true identity and held onto my hand, he said "This funny lady beside me happens to be a newscaster from Davao City", it was overwhelming, imagine THE Edu Manzano right beside me on stage! Yeah, I was a fan! After the show, celebrities I mentioned congratulated me, shook my hands and asked if I can perform with them daw. I declined because I had to go home to Davao and work as a radio newscaster. However, It didn't end there. I went back to Davao and performed along side Anton diva and Carole Banawa at Apo view Hotel. I was invited again to perform at Diamond Hotel in Manila for the SM group of companies road show! 

But at the same time my work in radio took off and ang daming raket at blessings from hosting gigs minus the impersonation. So, when Manila called for another impersonation gig, i begged off. Hindi biro magpatawa. Mas madali mag host pero ang pagpapatawa you'll need time and preparation. Impersonation is no joke, you need to mimic the celebrity, you need time to practice, look and talk like your subject. Lalo na si Kris Aquino, it's easy to make fun of her that time and exaggerate her expressions but it's another story to stay in character. Specially when you're not a big fan of the celebrity! Ang hirap na ginagaya mo ang taong di mo gaano kilala o gusto, lalo na nung kakaamin lang niya sa buong mundo na may STD siya. Kaloka! How on earth can you pull a Kris Anino after that issue. Still, I'm very grateful that a controversial celebrity like her gave me another source of income that time. 

No regrets. Just great memories. You know, these pics just gave me another reason to smile and count my blessings. Ika nga nila "Mahirap kumita ng pera". 

Blog and stories... Radio: Happy Farewell

While preparing to launch my portfolio website I decided to update my blog, sayang naman if I just leave it empty. I told my webpage designer to include it on the hompage buttons. Para ma ubliga ako na lagyan ng laman. I've been through many challenges since the start of the year. Not the bad ones though... more on career, motherhood challenges. Trust me I'm used to it... I always see these challenges as a blessing in disguise. A time for me to prioritise  and focus on what's important.

Family comes first, whenever I am faced with a decision that would make me choose between my career or family.  Hindi na tinatanong yan. I would never trade my time away from daughter with a blossoming career. 

Why I left Oomph radio? Here's the back story.. if you have time to open this blog. Then you're going to waste another ten minutes haha. Well, a year ago I was offered to manage Oomph. I was hesitant in the beginning. I had a business then, called Flazo, I bake from home and sell my flavored brazo de mercedes online or join my fellow momprenuers sell our products in mall bazaars. I was also a University professor, events coordinator, host and Voice talent.  One day I got a call from manila. I was referred by a common friend. He asked if  I was willing to step out of my retirement to manage a CHR(Contemperary Hit Radio, Top 40 with a mix of OPM) radio station. Dahil first love ko ang radio I called for a meeting and asked my family  members if they want me to go back to radio. They know that radio is close to my heart and it's something that I'm really passionate about. I can work in Radio with a meagre salary pero you'll never hear me complain. So when my squad said yes. I accepted the job offer.

However, I had a DIVA demand haha condition lang naman. Before I accepted the offer, I've been hearing a lot about Oomph. My fellow broadcaster warned me that it is and eventually will be a  MASA Station because one, VIVA owns it, 2nd the songs being played before I took over... Oldies--the likes of Imelda Papin, April Boy Regino. I have nothing against these brilliant singers and MASA stations. In fact I have friends working and pouring their hearts out entertaining listeners of this type of market.  MASA is a very challenging format, it requires a different skills set. One thing I learned from this business is how to be true to yourself, true to your core and what you stand for. I was promised that when I take over, Oomph will have a CHR format, catering to the market I am familiar with, which is the MIXFM market.

So I got the chance to manage 97.1 for a year and 4 months. The station was never launched. Why? kasi busy lahat ng artista to travel to Davao. Basically yun lang yun. hehehe. However, we were able to celebrate our 1st year with the initiative of local management. I'll just leave it there.

Bakit nga ako nagresign? One day, one of the bosses called to incorporate an Oldies playlist during Sundays. I took that as a sign. Diba kaloka ang daming walang trabaho tapos eto ako namili hindi naman pinapaalis, nasa VIVA na, nagresign pa. Remember, I had conditions. Why was it so easy for me to leave Oomph? It wasn't. Imagine, I single handedly produced and worked on the image of  Oomph from Cebu, Davao and Zamboanga. Boss Vic Del Rosario loved the idea and promoted me as Regional Production Head in less than 6 months. I was handling, Marketing, Regional Production, Training, Events, Managing... Sulit diba... We where able to beat top CHR stations in less than 8 months. We trained our own talents, from zero to hero.

So what really happened? When they appointed a new Production Director(the one who handles the playlist) and decided to change the Sunday format without the consensus of my boss and Station managers. I smelled something fishy.  That's when I said.  This is not what I signed up for. Spending time in Radio is time away from my daughter. Whatever I do, I always make sure that it's worth it. Lalo na at lumalaki na ang anak ko. I value the trust and confidence my employers give me. In return, I show my gratitude through hard work and I always give more than what is expected. Yes, I may have conditions, but I work hard and deliver results. I am proud of my work ethics and people I've worked with can attest to that.

So I called my very cool Operations Manager, Andrew, that we know exactly where these changes are heading. Of course for them my resignation was so sudden. Akala siguro nila nagbibiro ako about "what I signed up for" line I always tell them. But if you stick to your principles, 99% of your decisions are already made. Life is a game, you win some, you lose some.. It was a bitter sweet ending for my stint at Oomph. But I still encourage you to listen to radio. Radio will still give you something to look forward to.

I hope that answers the Private Messages I get every now and then. Thank you for your trust and support. I appreciate the time you spent with Oomph while I was still there. For listening and for believing in our vision. We had a great time making you happy and entertained. I guess at the end of the day, what matters is how we made you feel and the happiness we brought to your household.

Another question? babalik po ba kayo or lilipat ng ibang station?

The answer is YES and YES. I can't elaborate further. But you'll definitely hear from and about me hehehe.

Always keeping the dream alive. Till the next.