Miyerkules, Hulyo 11, 2012

An 80s love affair

I had an 80's band a long time ago called AC we played mostly 80's adult contemporary music. I was only suppose to shake the maracas and hum along with our lead vocalist Mike Libot but ended up singing half the playlist. It's something that I don't see myself doing again, or maybe not in this lifetime. Haha I still laugh at myself for saying yes to singing in a band because one: the only time you will hear me sing then was when I'm in the comfort room, second:  Even if I sound like a Diva on the radio doesn't mean I am a singer, third : I'm not a singer. Surprisingly, gigs abound and we were DC's hottest band for several months till my group mates decided to disband, and I still wonder why? Oh well life goes on and the only memory I have left of AC are the songs I sang, the fact that I met my husband on one of our gigs and pictures... 
Told yah! This is not a front act, we were the MAIN act!

Good times! haha too funny to recall this one! if my memory serves me right we were singing ALIGHT!

All I can do is smile when I have no idea what he's singing lol

A group from PLDT Manila asked if I can sing "Alone again naturally" for the second time, the guy even offered money, natural I said "okey lang po, we'll play it again for you" and sang with pakurapkurap effect.:) 

Let me take you down memory lane to some of my favorite 80s songs  or AC songs:)) 

You on my mind-s o s
All Right
Can We Still Be Friends-Vonda Shepard