Lunes, Mayo 21, 2012

Summer: Morning swim at Japanese Tunnel

Summer will never be complete without dipping in a pool or heading to the beach. I love swimming but I hate getting dark, I know right? ang orte orte ko, mahirap kaya magputi! at ang sabi nila nakakawrinkles if you stay too long under the sun. So, wake up early and wake-up the entire family with you! And when I say early 5:30 in the morning. Since our destination for the weekend is the Japanese tunnel along diversion road-- a 10minute drive away from our house I woke them up at around 7:00 am, 3 hours is more than enough for  soaking, sun bathing or play time with your kids. 

Before heading to the pool pay Php.100.00 Adult, Php.100.00 kids at the Lobby, they accept Debit, Credit and Cash. 

i love it when I'm the first person to use the pool. 

Adult pool (4ft),  just look at that giant bucket of water pour over hubby, parang ang sakit tignan!! But he said it felt good and he enjoyed it daw!! 

kiddie pool(2ft) with slides and giant buckets too (and I mean giant, this thing is almost the size of a smartcar,  fills up and then dumps on happy people below ). Before we left I saw 2 kids scared out of their wits, yeah the giant buckets are a little intimidating for toddlers so make sure you swim with your kiddo.  

make sure to pose for souvenir shots with your fambam

My Jia, having a blast with all the water splashing around her. 

We skipped the Japanese Tunnel Tour but if you have extra time explore!!